2021-2022 Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Description of courses offered by the various departments

The symbols FA (fall), SP (spring), and SU (summer) indicate when each course is offered. The credit (semester hours) for each course is indicated in parentheses after the course name. Interim course descriptions are made available during the fall semester and are published online.



Study in Spain

  • STSP 390 - Direct Enroll at the Universidad de Oviedo

    SP. Direct enrollment in at least one course at the university is required of all students in this program, except those enrolled in SPAN 302. This course counts as elective credits towards the Spanish major or minor.
  • STSP 393 - Independent Ethnographic Study

    SP. Placement in a local agency, school, or business to observe and/or participate in a work setting. Prerequisite: permission of the program director.

Study in Washington, D.C.

  • STDC 241 - Study in Washington, DC

    SP. This course prepares students for the semester study program in Washington, D.C.
  • STDC 300 - Disciplinary course offered by the program director

    SP. Check the off-campus website for details.
  • STDC 342 - Special Topics in Public Life

    SP. The specific content of this course varies from year to year, depending on the program director. While its substantive focus may vary, the course content is framed within the context of public life generally, and it draws upon the Washington environment by including speakers from and visits to relevant organizations, agencies, businesses, or government entities. 
  • STDC 343 - Integrating Faith and Public Life

    SP. individuals and institutions of many faith traditions seek to affect the climate and content of policy making. The course will stress site visits to organizations that influence, study, and/or implement public policies in a variety of areas such as health, social services, security, economic development, and trade. Students will be challenged to compare and contrast the organizations where they work as interns with the institutions visited in this course, particularly in terms of organizational objectives and the role of religion in the organization’s mission. May be credited as an elective or as a departmental credit when accepted by individual departments.
  • STDC 344 - Internship in Washington, DC

    SP. An internship experience, normally consisting of a four-day work week in a professional setting, in the students major field of concentration. Credit toward a department major is granted at the discretion of each department. Internships for social work students are available to students approved by the Sociology and Social Work Department.

Supply Chain Management: Undergraduate

  • SCM 301 - Operations

    SP. A study of the management of production and operations within a business, including planning, control, and evaluation of resources, inventory, schedules, and product or service quality. Techniques for making location decisions, implementing just-in-time purchasing and production, scheduling production, and using statistical process control (SPC) are studied. Computer applications are occasionally integrated for analysis and simulation purposes. Prerequisites: BUS 101  and STAT 143  or its equivalent, and junior level status.
  • SCM 302 - Supply Chain

    FA. This course takes an integrative cross-functional approach to the study of supply chain management. Students will evaluate the challenges and opportunities involved in constructing a global network of organizations that cooperate synergistically to provide goods and services. Global business issues are discussed in the context of ethics and sustainability from a Reformed Christian perspective. Topical coverage includes cross-cultural considerations, strategy, supply chain network design, sourcing, logistics, supply chain relationship management, demand forecasting, and performance evaluation. Prerequisites: ACCT 203 , DATA 175 STAT 143 .
  • SCM 383 - External Practicum


    FA, SP, SU. Students work at least 60 hours in a position that must be related to their major. May be repeated multiple times for credit. No more than 12 credit hours of internship and/or practicum can be counted toward graduation requirements. International students enrolled in this course may apply for CPT authorization. Online.  

    Prerequisites: Not open to first-year students. Must be a major in Business department and have received approval from the department. Applications are initiated through the Career Center. Students find their own position, which must be approved by the Career Center and the Business department. 


  • THTR 120 - Calvin Theatre Company

    FA, SP. Membership in this production practicum is determined annually by interview/audition. Members are actively encouraged to explore the intersection of their Christian faith and the production of high-quality pieces of theatre. In the process, they receive training in the various practical aspects of theatre through participation in one production each semester. Students may participate more than one year and are encouraged to experience as many different aspects of production as possible, both onstage and backstage. Theatre minors must complete two semester hours. No more than six semester hours may count toward the requirement for graduation. Prerequisite: A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • THTR 203 - Performance Studies

    SP. An introduction to performance as a means of analyzing, appreciating, and celebrating life and literature. By providing training in the principles and techniques of performing before an audience, this course expands students’ understanding of the relationships between text and performance, literature and human action, and written and oral forms of discourse. Genres examined include poetry, prose, non-fiction, oral history, and Biblical literature.

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