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Calvin College    
  Jan 20, 2018
2017-2018 Catalog


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Professors A. Abadeer, K. Schaefer, E. Van Der Heide (chair), S. Vander Linde
Associate Professor B. Haney

The department has structured its major areas of study so that students may design programs that best prepare them for their chosen careers. It offers a primary major leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. With the help of an academic advisor, students may choose to focus the economics major to prepare for careers in business, finance, law, international economics, public policy, international development, and graduate work in a variety of areas.

The department also offers the following four group majors: economics and the social sciences, economics and mathematics, secondary education social sciences, and elementary education social sciences. Group majors must form a coherent, planned program approved by an academic advisor.

The department offers economics minors that serve a variety of student interests: a general minor for students interested in economics, and more specific minors for students interested in many of the concentrations in the business curriculum (finance, human resources, marketing, and operations management), or in international studies, public policy, teacher education, or quantitative analysis.

Honors work is encouraged in any department course by arrangement with the professor for the course. To graduate with honors in economics, discuss the requirements with the department chair or an economics academic advisor.

One interim course may serve as an elective for any major or minor in the department if it is designated as an elective by the department. This designation appears in the Interim Catalog course description.

Prerequisite for admission to the economics majors or minors is a minimum grade of C (2.0) in ECON 221 .

The Societal Structures in North America core area is met by ECON 151 , ECON 221 , ECON 232 , ECON 233  , or ECON 241 ; Global and Historical Studies core is met by ECON 236 , ECON 237 , or ECON 337 ; and the Integrative Studies core requirement is met by ECON 395 .


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