2017-2018 Catalog 
    May 26, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog

The Core Curriculum - Nursing


Developing a Christian Mind

Transfer credit not accepted for Developing a Christian Mind (DCM).

First Year Seminar


Written Rhetoric

* Students must complete this requirement with a grade of C or better.

Health & Fitness, Nursing

A student participating in a varsity or junior varsity sport for a full season is exempt from the corresponding category.

Foreign Language, One Year

* High school exemption from foreign language requirement is possible. At least 2 years of high school foreign language (C or better each term) or one year of college foreign language will be required of students who are in academic programs that have reduced core curriculum requirements.


Historical Foundations

Students who take their Historical Foundations course in their first or second year are encouraged to take an introductory (100-level) course in world history. These courses examine general themes in world history from comparative societal perspectives. Upper-level students are encouraged to take an approved 200-level Historical Foundations course that suits their interests. These 200-level courses focus on a particular place and era or a particular topic.

Biblical or Theological Foundations 1

* Students must take at least one of the religion core courses at Calvin College.

Biblical or Theological Foundations 2, Exempt

*this core requirement is not required for this program.

Societal Structures in North America, Specified

Global & Historical Studies, Exempt

*this core requirement is not required for this program.

Natural World (Physical), Nursing

Cross Cultural Engagement, Met with major

*this core requirement is met within the requirements of your program.


Integrative Studies, Nursing

* Transfer credit not accepted for integrative studies core.