2022-2023 Catalog 
    Feb 05, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog

Sociology and Social Work

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Professors M. Loyd-Paige, M. Mulder, T. Vanden Berg
Associate Professors J. Hill (chair), E. Marr
Assistant Professors S. Hoeksema

The department offers courses in sociology, social work, criminology, and anthropology. Sociology is the study of how culture, systems, and social institutions impact individuals based on the groups to which they belong. Social work is the study of the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for generalist social work practice. Criminology is the study of the context, theories, research, and practices necessary to understand deviance, crime, corrections, and justice. Anthropology is the study of the cultural values of peoples around the world and how these values become expressed in specific behavioral patterns. Sociology, criminology, and anthropology are sciences whose majors will earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Social work is a professional program whose majors will earn a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. Minors are also available for Sociology and Social Work.

SOC 130 SOC 151 , SOC 201 , SOC 202 , SOC 231 , SOC 250 /SOWK 250 SOC 255 /SOWK 255 , SOC 301  SOC 303 , SOWK 240  SOWK 260 , and SOWK 360  satisfy requirements for the general university core as well as for major or minor programs of study in sociology and social work.

Students who spend a semester at the Chicago Semester or in Washington, DC, may apply some of that work to a departmental major or minor.

For admission to the major program, a student must complete SOC 151  with a minimum grade of C (2.0).

Sociology Internships

Sociology majors who have demonstrated ability in their sociology courses are invited to apply for an internship placement during their senior year. SOC 380  offers a three-semester-hour credit experience in a professional setting delivering applied sociology or research services. Professional settings include agencies in the fields of criminal justice, cross-cultural development, family service, gerontology, mental health, and urban planning. Internships can provide important background for later employment and graduate school. Interested students should contact M. Mulder.




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