2022-2023 Catalog 
    Jun 04, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog


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Professors J. Bergsma, B. Bolt, Y. Lee, J. Timmer Jr., A. Warners
Associate Professors K. Berends (cochair), J. Ross
Assistant Professors D. Gelderloos, B. Otte, J. Sparks (cochair)

The Kinesiology Department explores the art and science in human physical activity and serves students interested in a variety of careers and courses of study. Potential careers include health and physical education teaching and sport coaching, pre-physical therapy and other allied health professions, health promotion and fitness leadership, sport management, and recreation therapy. The department also directs various physical activity programs including intramurals, outdoor recreation, campus recreation, and intercollegiate athletics for men and women.




      Health EducationKinesiologyPhysical Education and Recreation: Personal Fitness

      Courses in this category are designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and activity requirements to maintain active lives. The emphasis is on fitness development and maintenance. Students are expected to exercise three times per week by attending class two times a week and exercising one additional time a week outside of class. Courses involve participation in conditioning activities, lectures, discussions, papers, and tests. The following conceptual topics related to wellness are in all personal fitness courses: (1) principles for the development of an active lifestyle, (2) nutrition, (3) self-image, (4) rest and recovery, (5) stress management, and (6) responsible Christian stewardship.

      Physical Education and Recreation: Leisure, Sport, and Skills

      Courses in this category are designed to provide students with the basic and/or advanced acquisition and development of selected motor skills, advanced knowledge of the topic, and activity requirements for lifetime participation in leisure and sport. The following conceptual topics are included in all courses: (1) competition and spectatorship, (2) common elements in skilled human movement, (3) performance improvement techniques, (4) the place of leisure in the Christian life, and (2) developing skill and the gifts provided by God.

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