2022-2023 Catalog 
    Nov 27, 2022  
2022-2023 Catalog

Geology and Geography

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Professors J. Bascom, M. Bjelland (chair), D. van Dijk, J. VanHorn
Associate Professor J. Skillen
Assistant Professor M. Higley

The fields of geology and geography help students to understand, care for, and enjoy God’s creation. Both offer a variety of career opportunities.  Geology is the scientific study of Earth, covering its history, composition, structure, and the processes that make it a dynamic planet. The study of geology is essential to locating, wisely using, and protecting Earth’s natural resources. Geography is the study of patterns and processes at Earth’s surface, both physical and cultural. Physical geography studies the physical features at Earth’s surface such as weather, climate, and landforms. Human geography studies how different human societies have transformed their environments through agriculture, economic development, and urbanization. Geologists, physical geographers, and human geographers each use geographic information systems, maps, spatial analysis, and fieldwork to understand specific places and regions. 

Programs in the department include a major and a minor in geology, a major and a minor in geography, a certificate in geographic information science, a major and minor in environmental studies, a major in environmental science (natural resources and naturalist tracks) as well as majors and minors for teacher education programs. Group majors consisting of geology, chemistry, engineering, or physics are also available. The department also offers a Master of Geographic Information Science.

For information on which courses are offered in specific academic years, please refer to the Advising page at www.calvin.edu/academic/geo/.




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