2019-2020 Catalog 
    Sep 20, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics and Statistics

Professors M. Bolt, R. J. Ferdinands, T. Kapitula, D. Klanderman, R. Pruim (chair), J. Turner
Associate Professors C. Moseley, T. Scofield
Assistant Professors S. DeRuiter, N. Sunukjian

The mathematical sciences provide a wide range of opportunities for investigation and application. The programs offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the careers of our alumni reflect this diversity within the mathematical sciences. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers majors in Mathematics, Statistics, Secondary Education Mathematics, and Elementary Mathematics. In addition, the department collaborates with other departments to offer majors in Actuarial Science (described here) and Data Science (described along with the Computer Science Department listings). Group majors can be crafted for students interested in combining mathematics with another discipline in a customized way. Minors are available in Mathematics, Statistics, Secondary Education Mathematics, and Elementary Education Mathematics, Data Science, and Data Analytics. The title of each major or minor provides an indication of the emphasis of that program within the mathematical sciences. Students should select a major or minor in consultation with an academic advisor and in consideration of their interests and career goals. Additional information about these programs is available on the departmental website.

Group Major

A group major in science and mathematics meets the needs of some students, particularly those in professional programs. These majors are not appropriate for students who anticipate attending graduate school or who are in teacher education programs. Such group majors require twelve courses in the sciences and mathematics, ten of which must be from two departments with no fewer than four from either, with the remaining two courses chosen from a third department. The chairs of the three departments must approve each program of this type. Group majors may be arranged on an individual basis.

Admission to program

A minimum grade of C (2.0) in one of MATH 231 , STAT 243 , MATH 255  or MATH 271  is required for admission to a program of concentration in the department.

Core curriculum

The mathematics core requirement may be met by any of the following: MATH 100 , MATH 160  , MATH 170 , MATH 171 , MATH 221 , STAT 143 , or STAT 145 .




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