2019-2020 Catalog 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Professors A. Abadeer, K. Schaefer, S. Vander Linde
Associate Professors B. Haney (chair), S. Lim

The economics department offers a primary major leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The economics major is ideally suited for students interested in business, finance, public policy, international development, pre-law, politics, data analytics, and graduate studies in a variety of areas. Students under the supervision of their advisors develop an individualized plan of economics courses that prepares them for their particular career goals and interests.

The major requires a total of fourteen courses, for a total of 46 required credit hours. Three of the economics courses can fulfill core requirements, which creates additional space for students to take classes to fulfill a second major or additional curricular interests. One of the electives for the economics program can be fulfilled by an interim course if the course is designated as an approved economics elective in the Interim Catalog course description. 

The department also offers a group major in social sciences. The purpose of this group major is to give students additional flexibility to design a broad-based program suited to their interests.  Group majors work with their academic advisor to plan a coherent program that meets the approval of the economics department and the interests of the student. 

The department offers a minor in economics that complements a wide variety of academic pursuits, including professional programs, computer science, data analytics, natural sciences, and humanities.  The minor requires six courses, some of which may fulfill requirements for the students’ primary major as well.

Prerequisite for admission to the economics major or minor is a minimum grade of C (2.0) in ECON 221 .

Economics Courses that fulfill Core Requirements
  1. The Societal Structures in North America (SSNA) core area is met by ECON 151 , ECON 221 , ECON 232 , ECON 233  , or ECON 241 .
  2. The Global and Historical Studies core is met by ECON 236 , ECON 237 , or ECON 337 .
  3. The Integrative Studies core requirement is met by ECON 395 .


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