DATA 202 - Information Systems and Data Management

FA. An exploration of data ecosystems for the collection, storage, preparation, and processing of data through its lifecycle and at various scales, from desktop to parallel cloud systems. Students will learn to address the challenges in collecting, consolidating, preparing, and processing data for large and very large scale research projects. Specific topics include standards in data encoding, data formatting, data exchange between disparate systems, the general components of enterprise systems, data cleansing, database systems (relational and NoSQL), and cloud technologies to store and accelerate the processing of very large data sets using parallelism. Students will explore the many sources from which data are collected, including enterprise systems, the internet of things and data streams, as well as tools for their real time analysis. Laboratory. Prerequisites: a) IS 175, or DATA 101, or both IS 141 and IS 171; and b) CS 104, CS 106, or CS 108. A minimum grade of C in CS 108, CS 104 or CS 106 is required.

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